Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sabbath Rest

Today was a complete day of rest and a reminder that God is God and still Sovereign over our lives.

No unpacking, organizing, working, or fretting.
A Church service.
A beautiful fall exploratory walk in the sun and woods.
(Ok, we did do one sort of "workish" thing - we went grocery shopping!)
A family tv show.

It was a much needed day of rest and relaxation and was enjoyed by all.

And now it is the beginning of another week. Wonder what it will hold?!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hockey Mom

I never thought the day would come that I would be a hockey mom. 

You should never say "never".

Here is the guy all suited up .
First game tomorrow night. Actually, he has 2 games on his very first day. He's a little nervous, and a lot excited!

Red Deer is a hockey town, that is for sure. With 62 outdoor rinks - and all of them maintained by the city, you can't miss the fact! We've heard that you can see Zambonis driving down the street from rink to rink! I can't wait to see that!

A couple weeks ago, I met a homeschool mom that I could connect with (double yay!!) - with 2 boys 14 and 16, both active and love sports. The guys have gotten together several times and she was the one who told me about the "Pond Hockey League" - a fun league for all levels of skill. Within our budget (generally speaking) and time allotment, amazingly enough. So we squeezed into the last week of registration and went in search of second hand hockey equipment.

I told Lanny that I will be THAT mom. Just sayin'. "Hey ref, need to borrow my glasses??!!" You know, just mild stuff like that. I think that is why he is a little nervous - not about playing hockey, but about his mom....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Welcome to Pixie Hollow

We've named our tiny temporary abode.
Pixie Hollow.

Since it has been long again since I posted, I am going to do a week's update. I'll do it in more of a bullet format so that it isn't too long. (smiley face!)

Sunday (Oct. 9) - Thanksgiving with Josh and Mikaela. A wonderful dinner that they cooked. Special treat!

Monday (Oct. 10) -  we left Red Deer and went to Nordegg overnight to drop off Jaxon and spend a bit of time with the kids/grandkids there. Had a lovely relaxing day.

Tuesday (Oct.11) - headed out early to Kamloops. It was a beautiful day! Only 1 construction stop (40 minutes) and 1 mishap that wasn't about us. About 45 minutes after we drove by a policewoman doing radar duty, she was shot in the arm by a suspect wanted for murder in Saskatchewan as he stole a car and made his getaway. The highway was shut down for 12 hours while they tried to apprehend him. We made it through but saw 7 police/detective cars go screaming by us and wondered what had happened. Heard it on the news later.

Wednesday-Thursday (Oct. 12-13) - dentist for Dan, sorted stuff and loaded the UHaul from our 2 storage units. Emptied them out totally. Everything fit by the hair of our chinny chin chins. Got in a couple visits with people we didn't see last time in Kamloops. Left Thursday afternoon to get partway to Revelstoke. We knew it was going to be a long day on Friday, so wanted to try and get back as soon as we could. It was good that we did!

Friday (Oct. 14) - Drove. And sat on the highway for 75 minutes this time. (not sure if it was construction or accident. Never did know)  Had slush, compact snow, pooling water - just about every condition you could imagine, including a short time of sunny and dry. UNLOADED the truck. Fell into bed in exhaustion.

Saturday (Oct. 15) - Began the process... organizing and finding places and making box pathways in the garage.... Took turns having meltdowns and grump sessions.

Sunday (Oct.16) - Christened our new table with having all the AB kids and grandkids here! YAY!! Kiriah stayed for 2 nights to "help". She certainly helped our hearts stay happy.

Monday-Wednesday (Oct. 17-19) - Unpacked. Took some adventures with Kiriah. Gave away 6 large boxes to the thrift store as we do sort and downsize #3. Last night our main floor was in working order. It has come together quicker than we expected and it feels GOOD! Dan is spending a lot of time in the garage - which he loves. Also getting YOLO ready for the winter. Speaking of YOLO, we changed it's name to YOMO - You Only Motorhome Once. Better suited to us, don't you think???

Back to the books for Lanny today! He has enjoyed getting re-acquainted with his "stuff" for the past couple days, and has been building things to his hearts content. Jaxon gets an "off-leash dog park" walk today and he will have a content heart again as well. He's been sadly neglected in the walk department. I can't imagine why!

Ok, that's it. Not too eventful, but VERY busy. We will keep chipping away at unpacking those boxes. Dan is determined that the garage is for the CAR.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

So very much to be thankful for! 

*A warm cozy house 
*Josh and Mikaela are cooking turkey dinner! Woot woot
* Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." 
* Mom Geddert - who had a birthday yesterday. I'm thankful for her investment into her son. And the prayer warrior she is. 
* KE, my spiritual director AND friend, who on a moments notice, came through for me via Skype.
* Canada. I love my adopted country. 

And so much more. 
I'll continue to work on my gratitude list 

"Acceptance follows gratitude" 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

One post for 1 week

I'm enjoying the crispy cold view out my porch this morning. 
And the warm, cozy view inside into my living room... 
Well, ok, the living room needs a bit of help - like some furniture, but still! 
We have just a couple more days till we head for a very quick trip to Kamloops to empty our storage units and bring it all to its new home. 

We've patched and touch up painted the living room, dining room and hallway. 
Painted the whole kitchen in "Bakery Box" white. LOVE! It's so much brighter. Of course, half the love goes to the name of the colour of the paint! 
Painted the bathroom "Tahiatian Morning" blue. My spot of colour - I sit in the bathtub and pretend I'm on the beach. Ha! 
Dan is in the process of painting his office "Woodcraft", a dark taupe, with "extended" white ceilings - it's the attic office so has sloped and additional ceiling space. 

We've cleaned a few of the rooms - found 2 petrified mice so far... Ewww!!! I still have a fairly long list for cleaning yet. Cleaning and organizing go together, so we've done a little storage area downstairs as well. 

Went grocery shopping to stock up our pantry. I'm pretty sure I've never spent that much money in 2 days on groceries... But I'm also pretty sure I've never had such an empty pantry. Been to Home Depot more times than we want to admit. We should be on first name basis with the the cashiers by now. 

Lanny and I have done some yard work. (The painting is really a 1 person operation, as the rooms are small, so we are doing other things on the to-do list) We've raked, collected poop from the previous tenant's dog, brushed cobwebs off the house and windows, picked up broken yard ornaments, as well as the pink flamingos - which I tried to pawn off on my children but they refused. I don't understand. 

And last but definitely not least, was sorting the garage - we ended up with 5 garbage bags, 2 recycle bins, 6 yard waste bags, and 1 car load for the thrift store. And that wasn't even our stuff! 

3 days to finish the list! We are getting there! 
Pictures to come soon! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The last night.

Tonight is the last night that we stay in YOLO. A couple of nights at Josh and Mikaela's, and we're in our tiny house. I can't believe it.

I realized that I had skipped a step in my blogging about the process of our decision regarding deserting the motor home. We had originally planned to stay in it till the end of November if possible, moving it over to the year-around campground. But when looking into winterizing it, we discovered it could cost potentially $3000. We just could not see putting that much money into it when we knew it wouldn't even be enough to keep us warm till December.  Hence the scramble for a rental home. But crazy prices for renting in Red Deer. Gracious. And difficult to find a place we could take Jaxon. 

But God provided - both in our price range and pet friendly. Like I've already said - it's pretty tiny, but there is a garage so hopefully we can organize so that we can access things that don't fit it. And we WILL be pre-sorting before we even move our things from Kamloops. We are going from 2600 square feet, to about 1200-1300 sq. feet - on 3 levels. (Main, half size upstairs and basement.) 

 I took a screenshot of Google's picture for you. Btw, the address on the pic is wrong. We are at 3618 41 Ave. 

I've been driving Dan nuts with my Pinterest obsession with tiny house living. Unfortunately, a lot of ideas are on the "permanent" change side of things so we will have to see about how we can modify them to be rental friendly. There may be a couple things we ask if we can do, that would add value to the house - for our sake and theirs. The landlords seem really open and flexible, particularly when they found out Dan is a bit of a handyman. We have signed a 9 month lease but if we like it, maybe we will stay longer. That remains to be seen. I can't say I relish the thought of moving again so soon. But then again, maybe I'll be tearing my hair out by then in such a little area - particularly if it doesn't work well with the grandkids. On the other hand - the backyard has a CHICKEN COOP and a massive garden already to plant come spring. Again, my poor hubby is shaking his head as I talk of seeds and seedlings.... And baby chicks - except that Jaxon likes to eat birds/chickens, unfortunately. 

There is just a lot to think about and process. One step at a time. One week at a time. Here we are - having been in the motor home 4 months already. 


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Writing the Psalms

Just gonna say first that God is good. I believe that with everything in me. 

But I'm not going to lie - I've been struggling with some down days again. Days when it's been hard to get out of bed. Days when a memory of Pippa - long gone, suddenly makes me cry. Days when I feel like I'm on a deserted island. 

I keep going back to the Psalms. It's crazy, but God started caring for this part of my soul journey even before we left Kamloops, as the last study we did in our life group was about Psalms. And the raw honesty of its writers. And the conflicted feelings we have while journeying through tough times and grief. 

So it's ok to write, "Why am I so downhearted? Why do I feel sad and alone?" And in the next line write, "I will praise You with all that is in me, for I know You are good!"  I can say, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want" in one breath, and cry "Is this week never going to end? " the very next day. 

He knows. He understands.
He's walking with me. 
He didn't take the Psalm writers out of their situations, but He walked along with them and let them express their very inner most emotion. Sometimes those writers were even mad! Gasp. 

On the less spiritual side, the movie, Inside Out -- I LOVED that movie, helped me - even in my old age (ha!), view Sadness in a different light. (I can appreciate that blue girl plopping down and needing to be dragged....)

Sometimes Sadness and Joy have to work together for awhile. 
Hand in hand, that is what's needed. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016