Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Let's Make a Deal!

We have an accepted offer on this beautiful home! WOW!! I still can't believe it and everything is moving so fast because the place is empty. It was definitely a God appointed thing because another person put an offer on at the same time for slightly higher than us. Our realtor (love him!!) prayed with us and we left it in God's hands. They chose us partly because the other realtor likes to work with Derek and partly because we had quicker available financing.

We fell in love with it as soon as we walked in the door. It was weird! I didn't expect that at all. Even Lanny - and he has been a tough customer! The upstairs is freshly painted and has new carpet in parts. The downstairs needs a bit of TLC but is livable and it's mainly paint and small things like cosmetically updating the bathroom.

We are closer to our neighbours than we have ever been before - that will take some getting used to. But the location of the home is a hot spot - we are close the recreation center called the "Collicutt Center" - in fact, about half a block, but off the main road - so not the traffic to go with it. (This is the  Lancaster suburb of Red Deer and sort of like living beside the TCC but having it in Juniper Ridge for my readers in Kamloops)
part of the kitchen
dining room
looking down into the living room and entry
family room in the basement
part of back yard
So if all continues to go well - financing up and running (half done already) and inspection done, our possession date will be September 14.

Give us a week or 2 and we will be up and running for guests.
Come on y'all!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Adventures at The River

Red Deer River
I haven't been doing very well at taking pictures since I arrived, so I stole one from the internet. Just giving credit to whoever took this picture! 

This is the Red Deer River which runs right through the city of Red Deer. (in case you didn't know that or guess!) We are "camped" in the trees somewhere along the banks - but don't ask me to point it out. Yesterday we floated down the river with 2 other families - one that we met at Frontier Lodge during Fat Tire Festival. It wasn't quite as warm as we had hoped but we didn't freeze either. It took about 3 hours to go from our chosen point A to B. There are farther out points that you can do too. It's a lazy afternoon activity and there were quite a few people out.

This river is actually quite amazing - we want to explore it more outside the city sometime.  The city itself has done a fabulous job of preserving parks and green spaces all along it that connect the whole city. (This won't be super clear, but hopefully you will get the idea)
Waskasoo Park is the name of the Red Deer park system. There is a gate from our Campground right out to the trail along the river - that's where we go to take Jaxon for his walks. Sometimes we walk, and sometimes Dan bikes. I haven't done any biking yet, but hope to. There is so much to explore!

But today it is raining. So we are inside our cozy little tiny house. Lanny has pulled out his Lego, Jaxon is snoozing on the floor beside me, and Dan is out working.

Time to make some warm soup for lunch.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Maybe you've heard of EI - emotional intelligence. Well, I've created a new category - DI, or directional intelligence.

Because I'm DI challenged. 
Dan is in despair with me. 

Now, I can read a map. But it has to be a paper map preferably. And if I don't have the paper physically in my hand, I'm back to hopeless. I've been pouring over the Red Deer City map for several days now and trying to fix it into my head. The problem is... Well let me sum it up like this - I can read a clock perfectly well. But if you tell me to pass a card clockwise around the table, I almost always pass it the wrong direction. 

Today was the weirdest situation. We went into the Red Deer Costco - and it was backwards to the Kamloops one and I felt so disoriented it was ridiculous. I found it so hard to find stuff and l kept going up and down the aisles and backtracking. But eventually I did find everything on my list. 

One of my worst nightmare's? A corn maze. I recently looked at an arial phot of one and had heart palpitations.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"I Trust"

I've been staring at my blank blog post for some time... I'm not sure why it is so hard to write this particular post. It's really just a wee bit silly of me....

So I guess I'll just dive in since I already hinted at it.
We have canceled our East Coast motor home trip. Maybe not forever, but definitely for awhile.

No cross-Canada trip.

Yes, I am disappointed.
Yes, I am a bit relieved.

It's complicated.

For clarification - we are still living in the motorhome and will continue to do so until we find a house in Red Deer. That may be September... October... not too sure about November though!! We are parked in a RV campground until then.

For reasons -
... Some times you can't foresee all the complexities of what a situation will look like. The working and traveling combination didn't go well for us. If we would have been on a leave/vacation/sabbatical so that the trip was strictly for family fun and learning, we could have done it. But it wasn't.

 .... Some things you can't know about yourself until you are in a situation. Both Dan and I have learned some things about ourselves that were a bit surprising - and maybe some of them shouldn't have been but were.

....And sometimes it's just the wrong season.

I think I know why this post took some time to come down the pipe... because when I write it, it becomes real... and final.... and I realize that I stuff my emotions inside quite a bit (I can just hear you laughing Di!) and I am feeling a bit more grief about this than I wanted to admit. I accept that.

But I also know that God is good and has a good plan for us and we can't always see it in the moment or recognize it, but it's there. I trust.

Speaking of "I trust", reminds me that when our boys were younger, when they would wrestle, the one who came to the point of surrender would say, "I trust, I trust". I don't know why that ever started, but when I think of it, it fits perfectly doesn't it? When we come to a point of surrender with God, there really isn't anything to say except, "I trust, I trust"!

It might not be pretty but "I trust, I trust!"

Monday, August 15, 2016

It's About Time!

READING -  "The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu" by Joshua Hammer. This has been on my reading list for awhile and when I saw it at Chapters recently and was in need of some new reading material, I splurged and bought it. I have to say though, it was NOT what I expected. I knew it was a true story, but didn't know it was quite such a "docu-read" and that a major portion of the book is the history of Islamic terrorism in Northern Africa. That being said - and the fact that I like novels best (and true stories that are written like novels - haha!) I am making my way through it slowly. There are parts that I have found quite informative and dare I say, interesting??

WATCHING - the prairie sky. The storms that you can see from miles away that come like a slate gray wall. The brilliant blue of it today - and no clouds. The sunrise and the sunsets.

COOKING -  Simply. Sometimes on the BBQ, sometimes inside - depending on the weather and where we have been. Occasionally with a recipe, but more often so simply that it doesn't even require a recipe. BUT I have been feeling the baking urge coming on. I need a home-baked muffin.

LEARNING - how to use my essential oils more. I generally use them for diffusing, but I made a lotion today (made of coconut oil - which melted in the cupboard and I didn't know it and then promptly spilled most of it, but hey, it's a start!) and I have even been using them on my dear hubster - which come to think of it, I seem to have a spilling problem, because I spilled it on him when I went to rub some on. Ooolala, no need to diffuse any that night! 

ORGANIZING - My tiny house. Well, a little organizing (papers and things that hadn't made their way to their proper place) and LOTS of cleaning. Jaxon has been continuing to shed SO badly. Yikes. I swept 2 times and vacuumed with my little hand vac in between trying to get up the hair. The human boy went off to Bike camp with a friend so I took the opportunity to do a thorough clean up. 

NOTICING - that the above Sonny-boy is almost as tall as I am and his voice has changed. Every once in awhile we look around to see if he is being serious. Or check if it's actually him. Or snicker. Probably shouldn't do that. 

ANTICIPATING -  3 days of alone time. ALL alone. Day 1 was today. I was feeling some ... restlessness at supper tonight when I had to eat my 3rd meal alone. I might not like every minute of it, but I think it will be good for me - kind of like a solitude retreat. Reading, walking, thinking, praying, (yes, cleaning!) some work too. Sleep. Lots of that. 

DISLIKING – that I am out of the practice/habit of blogging. Time to get back at it regularly. But I've given myself a bit of a break - summer, and seasons of the soul, and life.... the writing will happen again.

STARTING - to seriously look for a permanent house. (A little discouraged about the Red Deer market right now!) And to look for a home church. (Attended one on Sunday that we very much enjoyed. We want to attend a few different times and events, and check out a couple others as well before making a decision) New beginnings. Exciting!

FINISHING - our journeys. Yes, we have had a change of plans. The Motor home stays put in Red Deer. And we are back to Plan A. Version 1.0. More on this tomorrow as it is a blog post all by itself. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Confession ... and Pictures

I confess. I'm hiding out a bit right now. And not feeling like posting. Enjoyed an afternoon of reading my book and procrastinating on what I think I should be doing...

In the meantime, so you  know I'm alive, here are some vacation pictures.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

YOLO, the Party Bus

Home again! The 12 days FLEW by. Pictures and posts to come soon, but in the meantime the last 36 hours have been interesting to say the least... because our saga just keeps going on and on.

We flew into Calgary around noon on Tuesday and Dan went to pick up Yolo, which was parked at an RV storage site.

The good news? The RV started right up and there was no water or any physical damage.
The bad news? The mice discovered our cozy little home and had a hay day. A veritable PARTY.  And the fridge that we thought for sure that we had left on, was off... with rotten, stinky food in it.

Everything had to be taken out and disinfected, drawers and corners and crevices vacuumed out. Traps set. About 1/4 of the pantry food thrown away and 99% of the fridge/freezer items thrown out. The fridge took many washings with vinegar to get rid of the smell. After that was all done, we could start to unpack and put things away from the trip.

Yesterday afternoon I went grocery shopping to restock.

2 nights now and we haven't seen (or heard) any signs of little critters, and nothing in the traps. I'm wondering if they were just using this place for a party bus and taking the loot home to the field nest (which has been lined with wonderfully soft TP that was shredded) and leaving behind their little poopies.

As I type, I lift my eyes to the flowers that Josh brought me and the verse card on the wall -
"Be joyful ALWAYS. Pray continuously (THAT is the easy part!!). Give THANKS in ALL circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I Thess. 5:16-17

Monday, July 18, 2016

We Made It!

And we are on the Island! Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin, USA, that is. 

Love love love coming here. I have memories of coming here for as long as I HAVE memory. I won't tell you the details of the day getting here... Because I just want to block them out, but we are all enjoying time with family and the beauty of the Island. This afternoon we visited our ancestral home where my uncle currently lives and gave Brittany a tour. Discovered that my great great grandfather bought the place in 1895 (it was built in 1893). I confess I shed a few tears upstairs as I took a little walk down memory lane.  The old part of the house still has a faint smell of old memories, but there were no pink candies in the candy dish.... 

We are staying at my sister's place - all 17 of us. All things considered, it is going well with just a few wrinkles to smooth out. The extra portable outhouse has been super helpful! Ha. 

Well, the crew just got home from the the beach - I stayed home to nap but then got invited out to coffee and a donut with my mom and dad - better than a nap! so it's time to get at the supper cooking. 

Catch a few minutes another time!